Nats Fans Pull a Fast One on Clueless Red Sox Fans


This story was just too good no to post, via The Sporting Blog.

Washington Nationals fans don’t have too much going for them…their team is last in the majors, their attendance is abysmal (in a brand new stadium, no less), and they were gearing up for a series with the AL East leading Boston Red Sox.

As most people know, Sox fans are one of the most rabid fan bases in all of baseball, and many of them were planning on descending on D.C. to watch their beloved Sox kick the living crap out of the pathetic Nats.

As was to be expected, the Nats lost both games, by scores of 11-3, and 6-4 (the final game of the series is tonight, but expect more of the same).

Now the funny…prior to the series, a few Red Sox fans were looking for a bar or two in the D.C. area to have a “wicked pissah” good time and watch the game.  I actually don’t know what “wicked pissah” means, but I find it reflects the Boston fan’s nature pretty well.

Typical Red Sox fans.

The epitome of "Wiked Pissah!"

In what can only be described as a “ballsy” move, at least one Sox fan, posting under the handle risoxfan74, posed a question on a Nationals message board about a good bar to drink and watch the game at…

“Hi Everyone, I’m coming in this week for the Sox series. Are there any decent sportsbars near the ballpark? Thanks again!”

To which PowerBoater69, an obvious Nats fan and soon-to-be message board legend, responded as such…

“There’s only a beer garden next to the park, you’re better off up the street on Capitol Hill, Remingtons (639 Pennsylvania Ave SE) is a NE Patriots bar so they’ll probably have a large Red Sox crowd this week.”

The hilarious part is that Remington’s is Washington D.C.’s most famous western-themed gay bar.  Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, or a cowboy, or a gay cowboy.  It is funny though when Nats fans send Red Sox fans there to watch the game.

Is it legit?  Did a Sox fan actually go there without checking it out first on the internet?  All signs point to yes…

“You Nationals fans are pretty funny. I went to Remington’s yesterday only to find out that it is a bar only for guys if you catch my drift. I pounded my drink and got out as fast as I could. On the way out I was fortunate enough to get Adam Dunn’s and Ryan Zimmermans autograph a they were there getting something to eat for the game. lol (last part is obviously false) Good luck in the next two games.”

Thanks to a second Sox fan who followed PowerBoater69’s advice.  Goddamn I hope this is true, and if it is, congrats to the long-suffering Nationals fans…you finally have something to be proud of. [The Sporting Blog]


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