Teacher Makes Fourth-Grader Turn Yankees Shirt Inside-Out


This cute kid is Nate Johns, fourth-grader at Van Buren Elementary in Baldwinsville, New York.  And he’s quite obviously a New York Yankees fan.

So much so that he decided to wear his CC Sabathia shirt to school.

No problem, right?


Seems his teacher, Peter Addabbo, is a displaced Boston Red Sox fan, and for whatever reason took offense to little Nate’s shirt…probably because it clashed with the shrine to the Sox he set up in his classroom.

So the teacher did what he considered quite reasonable…he made Nate turn his shirt inside-out.

Wait, what?

At first Nate thought his teacher was busting his chops, but quickly realized he was serious.  Nate complied, and was told to wear it like that until it was time to go home.

As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, Nate was the subject of taunts from fifth-graders (the true pricks of the elementary school system) for wearing his shirt like that.

The Baldwinsville school district is conducting an investigation, presumably to get the teacher’s side of the story.

In a surprisingly classy move, the New York Yankees are sending Nate a gift package as a reward for his loyalty.  It’s unsure what exactly is in the package, only because the Yankee organization wanted it to be a surprise.

Lets just hope it doesn’t contain this…



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  • jim

    what kind of a teacher would intentionally humiliate a 4th grader? he’s lucky it wasn’t my kid because he would be praying that the cops got there before i did. fire him, quickly, before he does even more damage. what chance does this kid have in this class now? there is no cure for stupidity.

    • http://lastangryfan.com JeffG

      It sickens me too Jim. I’m with you..if that had been my kid, that teacher would be in for a world of hurt. You’re absolutely right…there is no cure for stupidity. Thanks, Admin.

    • (r)andy

      Fire him? Really? I believe you’re over reacting quite a bit. Yeah, the teacher’s an idiot but fire him? Really? That’s a bit much.

      • http://lastangryfan.com JeffG

        I didn’t say I’d fire him, but if a teacher humiliated my kid like that, he’d have to answer to me. But he shouldn’t be fired…reprimanded, yes, and made to formally apologize to the kid and his parents.

        • (r)andy

          Fair enough, apology and a slap on the wrist… If I were the kid’s parents I wouldn’t be too mad, it’s not really that big of a deal… I am a teacher (and a life long Cardinals fan) and I joke w/ my students all the time. I might make a comment or give the kid a hard time (all in good taste and good fun) but this guy went a little too far. I’m not sure how humiliating it was but it was certainly a bad idea. He’s a Red Sox fan, what do you expect, they don’t have any class.

      • MarcusCrassus

        YES, fire him. Are you serious? This ‘teacher’ is obviously more interested in his ‘team’ than actually TEACHING his pupils. Make this loser beg for pennies, I don’t want him teaching my kids.

    • Jim

      Nice internet tough guy steps up to the plate for the first comment.

      Yeah he was wrong but you don’t have to make asinine threats to pump up your e-peen.

  • Boardious

    Yankees suck, Red Sox fans and annoying and the East Coast is the worst place in the country to live. Kids these days are soft, and their parents are worse. Get a life!

  • jim

    hey Boardious, you’re the 1st troll on this thread !!! i was wondering how long it would take an idiot to post. now i have my answer.

    • (r)andy

      Well then let me join him as the second idiot. No wonder our kids are a bunch of self absorbed pussies, they have parents like you two. If I were his parent I would have him wear the shirt again tomorrow. Jim and Jeff need to grow a pair. Oh yeah, and the least coast does suck…

  • Al K. Holic

    The worst of the worst. The substitute teacher needs to be fired. Actually, as a sub, he has little recourse for any action taken, so screw him to the wall…

  • Joe

    He should have but the kid and his parents season tickets for the 2010 season, and he have to live on bread and water and sell most of his assets to do it, it becomes and expensive but valuable life lesson to the teacher. How is that for irony, the teacher being taught a lesson

  • wally

    Really? Ignoring the East Coast crap, I hate the Yanks as much as anyone alive, but to much is still to much. Fun is fun, idiocy is unforgivable..

  • Adam

    I would make him wear a Yankee’s shirt for the week and take down his Red Sox Shrine. There is no need to fire him even though. He should also appologize in front of the class for having done what he did. Like Francona said ‘There’s a lot of losers out there’

  • pete

    everyone. calm the hell down.

    • http://lastangryfan.com JeffG

      Ha! Pete’s right…let’s all get a grip. But on another note, I like all the back and forth between the Yankees fans and the Red Sox fans. Sometimes it pays to be neutral.

  • JoJo

    Firing may be a bit extreme. So just make the moron wear his coat and tie inside out for a week so all of the kids at the school can point and laugh at the idiot.

  • Kbarba

    maybe it contains all the addresses and phone numbers of their season ticket holders…


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