Chris Bosh Officially Becomes “King of the Internet”


Very few NBA players are as tech-savvy as Chris Bosh, star power forward for the Toronto Raptors.  He’s got over 70,000 followers on Twitter, his own website (, his own iPhone app, and his own YouTube channel.

And his takeover of the Internet continues.

Bosh went after some douchebag who had beaten the Raptor star to the website name…and won.  Bosh got his domain name back, as well as some punitive damages…and more.

Try 800 other domain names this jerkass had been hording…all related to fellow NBA players.

Some examples…


The full list is here (in PDF format), as well as instructions on how to get your domain name back…for free.  That’s right, Chris Bosh is the Robin Hood of Internet domain names, as he plans on returning them to their rightful owners free of charge, according to Bosh’s Internet consultant Hadi Teherany of Max Deal. [CBS2,TrueHoop]


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  • MP

    Call me cynical – but what else is he gonna do? Keep the 800 domain names that don’t belong to him? Wouldn’t that put him in the same place as the aforementiones douchebag?

    • PSK

      I think the point was that he actually did something about it. Instead of doing nothing, he dealt with that douchbag, unlike the other 800 names on that list. I’m not saying they did anything wrong, but I’d guess some of them knew somebody was cybersquatting, but either didn’t know their rights or didn’t want to deal with the hassle. Bosh did and the world is a better place (slightly).

  • All Sports Fans

    Chris Bosh is the coolest thing that could have happened on the internet related to sports.. this guy is just amazingly… smart and knew exactly what to do … on the right track…


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