ESPN’s Steve Phillips Caught in Affair With Production Assistant


According to a story in the NY Post, ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips has been caught dipping his pen in the company ink, so to speak, as revelations have surfaced that the 46-year-old Phillips had an affair with a 22-year-old production assistant named Brooke Hundley.

Now here’s the weird part.  After getting unceremoniously dumped, Hundley went all “Fatal Attractiony” on Phillips and his family.  Hundley would call Phillips’ wife Marni repeatedly, screaming at her, “we both can’t have him!”  She then went on to pose as a classmate of Phillips’ 16-year-old son on Facebook, in order to glean more info about the family.  Her final act of jilted lunacy involved a letter to Marni, outlining her and Phillips’ sexcapades, which she hand delivered to the Phillips home.  In her haste to leave after dropping off the letter, Hundley smashed her car into a stone column.

Needless to say, Phillips and his family were terrified.  So much so that they finally went to the police.  In a statement to the cops, Phillips said that he and Hundley had three sexual encounters, and that after he broke off the affair, Hundley became “obsessive and delusional.”

Here’s a copy of the letter Hundley sent to Marni Phillips…


Two things in this letter jump out at me…the first being the old “I had a vasectomy so you can’t get pregnant” story, and the vivid and disturbing description of Steve Phillips’ crotch.

And thanks to some phenomenal investigative journalism by our friends at the Big Lead, a couple of pictures of Brooke Hundley have surfaced.


Apparently Steve Phillips has a little Bill Clinton in him.  But to be fair, I’m sure Brooke Hundley has a wonderful personality.  Most plump, unattractive girls do.

For his troubles, Steve Phillips is being sued for divorce by Marni, whom the NY Post refers to as “a stunning green-eyed blonde,” as well as being suspended by ESPN for one week.

This revelation, along with the sordid Steve McNair murder, should serve as a lesson to any guy thinking of cheating…you’re gonna get caught, and it’s gonna get ugly.  So keep it in your pants fellas. [NY Post]

Images via The Big Lead.


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  • Lisa Lesage

    Sad story. I mostly feel sorry for Steve’s wife and even more for his kids.
    Steve played with fire and got burned. What else did he expect ?
    He’s older but not the wiser.

  • Michelle

    Couldn’t he have found a more attractive girl? What with the ugly male-like looking face? ..Shame on you dude.

  • Bob

    Considering his choice of women, I’d say he must be hard up. Jeez Steve, get a frickin’ divorce and move on. Oh, and this might be why you never made it as the METS’ GM…. Too busy screwing the office staff!


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