Your Morning Wood for October 29th


After getting flak from head coach Rex Ryan for his sideline hot dog eating, Mark Sanchez donates 500 hot dogs to a New Jersey soup kitchen.  Because that’s what the homeless need…more hog anus. [Sports Crackle Pop]

Jrue Holiday–Sixers guard, rookie, born in 1990.  God I feel old. [Fanhouse]

Phils beat Yanks in opening game of the World Series.  Cliff Lee was brilliant.  Lee–World Series MVP.  Book it. [Big League Stew]

Douchebag extraordinaire Larry Johnson was suspended by the Chiefs for 2 weeks following homophobic tweets.  But one week is a bye, so he’ll only miss one game.  And he’s appealing the suspension…because he really wants to maintain that 2.7 yards per carry average.  Dumbass. [PFT]

Penn State has new T-shirts that offended some people because they resemble a cross.  And by some, I mean 6 people complained.  God I hate people…they’re the worst. [The Big Lead]


Last night was a near perfect sports night…the Yanks lost, the Raptors won (how’s Shaq working out for ya Cleveland), and the Leafs lost.  If I could’ve gotten a hummer and some Scotch I would’ve been in heaven.


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