The Weirdest/Coolest Japanese Themed NBA Cards You Will Ever See

Came across these NBA player cards based on King of Fighters, which is apparently some game for the Neo Geo Japanese gaming system.  I’ve never heard of the game or the system, but remember, I still play Combat on my Atari 2600.  Oh, and I’m typing this on my Commodore 64…which is my terribly unclever way of saying I’m old and pathetic.

Here’s just a few of the photoshopped cards, and I have to say, they’re pretty well done.  Except for the Steve Nash card–that’s just a little too effeminate for me.  How effeminate–let’s just say I was sporting a bit of a chubby after looking at Nash’s card.








There’s more to be found at Flickr.

[Hardwood Paroxysm]


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