Manny Pacquiao–The Best Pound-For-Pound Hostage Negotiator?


I can’t imagine how much it would suck to be taken hostage.  The squalid living conditions, the starvation, having your ass beaten on a daily basis–only to end up dead.

Unless you got the luck of the Irish, like Fr. Michael Sinnott.

The 79-year-old priest was taken hostage some 31 days ago in the Philippines.  But his captors suddenly wanted him gone, and released him this past Thursday.

Their reasoning?  They wanted to watch Manny Pacquiao fight.

No foolin’.

Sinnott quotes his captors as saying, “Your freedom is our freedom. We don’t want to be here for a long time, too. And we want to watch Pacquiao’s fight.”

Well, that and the kidnappers were tired of taking care of a frail 79-year-old man recovering from heart surgery.

But still, ya gotta love Pacquiao…first he (indirectly) orchestrates the release of a hostage, then goes out and whoops Miguel Cotto.

Betcha Floyd Mayweather couldn’t do that. [GMA News, Image]


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