Paul Pierce Not a Big Fan of Chris Bosh’s Junk


To be fair to Pierce though, I’m sure not too many people are big fans of Bosh’s junk.  I like Bosh, but am indifferent on his ‘special area.’

But poor Bosh, he suffered a double indignity the other night, both at the hands of Pierce.  Not only did CB4 get posterized on this dunk, but Pierce’s knee found it’s way to Bosh’s nuts in a most painful, unfortunate way.

Two things stand out–first, it looks to me like Pierce kneed Bosh intentionally (just look at Pierce’s reaction, the post-dunk stare down), and second, Bosh is in some serious, serious pain.

But it’s still sort of funny to me–probably because a knee to the groin is a knee to the groin.



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  • johnnyb93

    Looks like Chris fouled Paul, who had a clear route to the basket, on the play and Paul took the opportunity to take advantage of the close proximity of the Bosh Balls as they hovered into position.

  • tim donaghy

    Great dunk. Lame call. He stood very still for 1 second. That’s taunting?


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