Wedding Party Takes Fandom Way Too Far


I give this marriage two, maybe two and a half years tops.  While they may think that it’s clever and cute to have you and your entire wedding party wearing Baltimore Ravens jerseys, it’s not.

Yes, I understand you love the Ravens.  But this is your freaking wedding–and like most newlyweds, you think/hope/pray that it is your one and only.  That being said, if your storybook wedding involves football jerseys and lots of “woofing” from the procession, well, best of luck to you, cuz you’re retarded going to need it.

Oh, and a word to the groom–Ray Lewis doing his “dance” is awesome.  A chubby white guy in a Lewis jersey…not so much.

Here’s the video, complete with the couple’s first dance.

Baltimore Ravens Wedding from Casey Carter on Vimeo.

I weep for their future.

[Kissing Suzy Kolber, Image]


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  • Chris

    So apparently we have determined that this author is not a sports fan. Probably a drama geek who does not understand what being a fan is. It is more than possible for you to bring being a sports fan into your life. If football is that important to you, then there is nothing wrong with it being part of your wedding. It was the reception at that, a time that you are supposed to celebrate the wedding. This was the most fitting time to do this and this should be applauded.

  • chrizeit

    Could that groom have looked any whiter doing the Ray Lewis dance?


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