Olympic Weightlifter Gives Birth–While Training


Every time I hear a story about a woman not knowing they were pregnant, it always, always blows my mind.  I understand it happens quite a lot, but still, it amazes the hell out of me when they don’t realize they’ve got a womb full of baby.

But like I said–it happens.  And it happened to this Chilean Olympic weightlifter.  Only thing with her is, she dropped her kid during a training session.

Well, not quite during a squat thrust or anything, because that would just be disgusting.  But she was lifting at the gym, though, and became ‘unwell.’  That’s when Elizabeth Poblete, 22-years-old,called for a doctor.

Then she gave birth to her son, Eric Jose.

Elizabeth and her newborn son were taken to hospital, and Eric Jose is still in intensive care, the result of being born three months premature.

Poblete, the head weight trainer in the gym, and pretty well everyone else that knows the weightlifter didn’t know she was pregnant.  Now I’ve never had a period, but you would think that being a woman and not having one would be a red flag.  Especially if you’ve had sex in the past year.

But no, many weightlifters have irregular menstrual cycles thanks to their diet and training.  And yeah, I guess it would be easy not to notice weight gain, since that’s kind of one of the goals of training.

So, for all you weightlifting ladies out there, if you’re sexually active while training, you might want to pee on a stick to see if you’re pregnant.  Otherwise you might leave a big mess at your gym one day.

And trust me, nobody wants that. [Google News]


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