Quadriplegic Hunter Wins Right to Kill Things


It’s a slow news day in the world of sports, but this story is pretty cool–and I just don’t mean for the horrifying contraption you see above.

That guy there is Jamie Cap, a 46-year-old hunter who also happens to be quadriplegic, the result of a football accident some 30-odd years ago.  But being confined to a wheelchair, without the use of his hands or legs, kind of put the kibosh on Cap’s hunting fun.

But that’s all changed, thanks to a 2 1/2 year legal battle that Cap finally won, which allowed him to own and operate a 12-gauge shotgun.  How you ask?  Via a battery-powered machine that is operated by a breathing tube.


Cap fired his first shot in three decades, an experience he could only describe as “priceless.”

Somewhere Chuck Heston is giggling like a schoolgirl. [Telegraph.co.uk]


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  • para

    He’s not confined to a wheelchair. Nor is he wheelchair bound. He does get out of that chair. I wish people would get the terminology right.

  • http://www.landofthedeadmatchmaking.com/ Eric

    It’s not exactly hunting if he can’t go and get it.. right?

  • Dave

    It sure looks like he’s moving his arms as he’s being raised into the van at :37.


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