Your Morning Wood for December 22nd


Even Santa Claus gets caught up in the douchiness that is Eagle’s fandom.  And I agree with the boys at Unathletic–dressing as Santa to go to a game (or work for that matter) is a dick move. [Unathletic]

The Redskins attempted the most bizarre, puzzling, ridiculous trick play I have ever seen.  It is beyond words.  Oh, and it didn’t work either. [KSK]

Ottawa Senators forward Mike Fisher got engaged to Carrie Underwood.  Her married name will be Carrie Fisher.  May the force be with her. [Sports Crackle Pop]

That great wrassler from the 1980’s, the Iron Sheik, is mentally breaking down before our eyes.  And I cannot look away. [Can’t Stop the Bleeding]

Your 2009 AP male athlete of the year–Jimmie Johnson?  Our friends at Guyism nails the absurdity of this right on the button. [Guyism]


By the beard of Zeus!  That’s really all I have to say.  Thanks for your continued support of the Last Angry Fan.


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