Florida Retiree is Quite Possibly the World’s Greatest Two-Sport Athlete

Scratch that.  Wayne Persang, a 57-year-old retired former postal service employee, is definitely the greatest two-sport athlete…ever.

Persang makes Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson look like a pair of giant pussies.

Unlike most retired folk, who only make their way down to sunny Florida to hike their pants up to their armpits, complain about the government, and wait out the clock to die, Persang is quite active.

Hell, he’s only 57 for shit’s sake.  Younger than most retirees, that’s for sure.  He’d better be goddamn active.  Friggin’ cushy government jobs with their attractive retirement plans.

Persang is an avid golfer and bowler.  And two weeks ago, in the span of 48 hours no less, Wayne captured the penultimate achievement in both sports.

That’s right…both.

Persang’s saga began on January 11, when the avid bowler rolled 12 strikes in a row, en route to a perfect game.  On a league night, no less.  Plus, for bowling a 300 in a league sanctioned by something called the American Bowling Congress, he gets a perfect game ring–jewel encrusted, no doubt.

Not content to just rest on his laurels, a mere two days later, Persang hit the links for some league play.  And wouldn’t you know it, he scores a hole-in-one on the fifth hole.  A 138-yard par 3, that Persang bitch-slapped with a sweet 8-iron.

Hopefully Wayne Persang isn’t in any rush to have that horseshoe removed from his ass–at least not until he checks his lottery tickets.



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  • Tom Cady

    No guys.  How about Leo Luken who pitched the Zollner Pistons to a World Championship back when softball had a national playoff and as a retiree has shot his age more than any other person.  A 300 and an ace hardly qualifies…now if Wayne can do it multiple times we’ll see.
    Tom Cady   New Albany, Ohio


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