Terrence Cody’s Physique is Supple, Yet Shapely

Sorry I’ve been so lax in posting lately.  Life is like that.  But here’s something to make it up to you all.

Terrence Cody…in some bike shorts.

Cody, the impressive (and not just size wise) nose tackle from the University of Alabama, weighed in at a whopping 370 lbs in preparation for the Senior Bowl.

That is just a lot of sexy man-meat right there.  He tits could use a little support though–and those nipples.  It’s like someone glued two pepperonis on his chest.

Really though, he’s a nose tackle.  Tackles are usually the least in-shape guys on the team–all they really have to be is big and strong, so they can clog the running lanes while tangling with the center and guard.  He did that more than ably in his time at Alabama.

Still, his boobs look a lot like a set of eyes.  It wouldn’t take much to make that body of his look much more pleasing to the eye.

A little touching up here and there, and voila!

Yes, that’s much better.  Much better indeed.



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