The Japanese Version of Usain Bolt is Bizarre, Politically Incorrect

One of these days I gotta get to Japan.  When I think of Japan and Japanese culture, I picture karaoke bars, millions and millions of dongs, bizarre anime porn, and Godzilla.

I think that’s pretty accurate, no?

Right or wrong, to me anyway, Japan seems to be a pretty fucked-up place.  And the Japanese have done it again, this time with their bizarre take on Usain Bolt.

This video, taken from a show called Kinchan and Katori Shingo’s All Japan Costume Grand Prix (not to be confused with the Super Terrific Happy Hour), contains almost everything that makes Japan great.

Guy in blackface, portraying Usain Bolt (politically incorrect, I know, but Bolt is Jamaican.  You kind of have to make yourself into a black man to play a black man).

Opponent, known simply as “Guy,” with a mask that’s been pulled straight from my nightmares.

Girl in bunny costume, presenting Bolt with his gold medal.

The only thing missing was a giant, inflatable dong and Mothra.

[H/T to The Sporting Blog]


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