Hey IOC! You See How Awesome This Is?

You gotta love the Germans.  While other people just sit around and postulate about making more activities clothing-optional, the Germans go out and just do it.  First up–nude sledding.

And if the turnout is any indication, we’ll hopefully be seeing more naked winter sports.

Germany’s Harz region held the naked sled race, which is as awesome as it sounds (you’ll understand after seeing the pictures which are very NSFW).  How popular was the event?  Approximately 14,000 people showed up to see the bare-assed guys and girls take on the 100 m course.

Somebody won, but really, who cares.  Us perverts need to see more sporting events like this, since it’s highly unlikely the IOC will sanction any nude Olympic events any time soon.  But a lecherous perv like me can dream, can’t I.

[The Local (NSFW) via Deadspin]


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