Jared Allen’s Mullet May Help Him Land on the “Madden 11” Cover

But the real question will be, “can Jared Allen’s mullet make him impervious to the Madden curse?”

Allen, the Vikings somewhat off-balanced DE, is one of three finalists (along with Drew Brees and Reggie Wayne) to be the face of the next installment of the Madden football franchise.  Of the three, Allen probably has the weakest chance of making the “Madden NFL 11” cover, what with Brees’ story and all that.

But never count out a man sporting the sweetest Kentucky waterfall in the NFL.  That’s right, Jared Allen has a plan–and you guessed it, somehow his signature hairstyle is involved.

In his own words…

“Everyone at some point in their lives has either had a mullet or known somebody with a mullet,” explains Allen. “I cover all spectrums, and I’m not afraid to call in a few favors.”

And there you have it.  Really, his logic is infallible.  I’ve had a mullet.  Some of my friends have had a mullet.  I even dated a girl with a mullet.  Mullets, thanks in large part to Allen, are in vogue, and not just with the redneck set–although they make up the greatest number of mullet aficionados.

Allen’s got my vote.  Let’s hope he gets a lot more votes, because if he lands the coveted spot on the Madden cover, Allen is going to make his mullet even that much more mullety.

“If I make the cover, I’m going to straighten my mullet and make it as trashy as possible,” Allen jokes.  “You have to highlight the tools that got you there.”

Sorry Drew Brees, but Jared Allen’s mullet trumps your Oprah-proof birthmark every time.



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