Watching Your Team Lose Can Lead to Heartbreak–Literally

Guys, here’s a little tip that may save your life.  You know that feeling in your gut you get when you watch your team lose, like you’ve been sucker-punched?  Yeah, if that feeling spreads to your chest, shoulders, left arm and neck, chances are you’re having a sport-induced heart attack.

For once, I’m not even kidding.

According to cardiologists, studies show that angry fans suffer so much stress when their team loses, the risk of heart attack or even sudden cardiac death increases.

Of course, it also helps if you’re a cigar smoking, three cheese burrito eating, diabetic, couch-bound fatass–or a Mets fan.




About the author: Jeff Greenwell


Jeff Greenwell is the writer/editor of Last Angry Fan. Jeff has been known to rock a Speedo while belting out Robert Goulet tunes from his front porch, and in his spare time he enjoys capturing and training feral goats to be his minions. Also known to dig a nice brick of cheese from time to time.



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