You Won’t Find These Being Sold at The Masters Anytime Soon

It truly is the entrepreneurial spirit that shines brightest during times of crisis and scandal–the creative minds of men and women working at a feverish pace to design and create unique items…which they can turn around and make a buck off of.

Which leads me to this.

From the Karmaloop website, comes these stylishly hilarious “Frosted Hoes Tees,” which is a Tiger Woods based spoof of the popular breakfast cereal, Frosted Flakes.  And apparently Tiger’s hoes,well, “THEY’RE GRRREAT!”–although a more appropriate slogan would have been “THEY’RE SWWWIMMING WITH DISEASE!” or “THEY’RE SSSOMEWHAT ATTRACTIVE, EXCEPT FOR THAT FUGLY PERKIN’S WAITRESS!”

Here’s the shirt, as modeled by some guy that either wants to kill me or sell me drugs…or both.

See, see what they did there.  I did.  They took Tony the Tiger’s head and pasted it onto Tiger Woods’ body–because they’re both cartoon characters named Tiger.  The major difference between the two Tigers is that one is a whore-loving, sexually deviant golfer, while the other is a coke-addicted corporate shill…and I really don’t know which one repulses me more.

One thing’s for damn sure–the gallery at the upcoming Masters tournament will look a whole lot more interesting with a few fans sporting these badboys.

[H/T to Total Pro Sports]


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