Milton Bradley Appears to be in Midseason Form

You’ve probably figured out already what is lurking underneath the floating head of unnecessary censorship found on the picture above.  And if you haven’t, then let me introduce you to the self-proclaimed bad boy of baseball, Milton Bradley.

It took all of five games into the 2010 baseball season before Bradley, in true Bradleyesque fashion, got into it with fans, either opposing or home.  This time the unlucky recipients of Bradley’s extended middle finger were Texas fans, most of whom are familiar with Bradley’s antics from his Rangers playing days.

Here’s the actual photo…look away if you’re disturbed by the sight of the middle finger–or Milton Bradley.

Hey now!  To be fair to the colossally misunderstood Bradley (note sarcasm), maybe he was just showing the Texas fans…

  1. how many hits he has on the season
  2. how many wins the Mariners have for the year
  3. how many outs there were in the inning
  4. where the Rangers fans rank amongst all the teams he’s played for
  5. how many seasons he’ll last in a Seattle uniform

Or maybe, if I may borrow a saying from another “misunderstood” ballplayer, he’s just Milton being Milton.

[H/T to Larry Brown Sports]


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    • KG

      Get off Miltons case, he will have a good season. Also Seattle needs him to help the tounger players that that being pissed off is OK. The team has the talent to be in the hunt at the end, but need the attitude that Milton showes from time to time. Stoneman

  • Billy Jack

    This guy needs to get his ass kicked in his own clubhouse while his mother cheers on the abuse, he needs a clue.

  • jerome

    this guy is a stud haha

  • Jerry romolt

    Mr Bradley is in need of a competent neuroligist who
    is capable of reconnecting all the disconnected neurons in Milties flotsam and jetsam infested and unique cranial cavity.


    The door that hits you on the ass is broken. We already miss you lots, Miltie.


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