Rockies Miguel Olivo is the Toughest Player in Baseball

MLB 2010 - Rockies Beat Marlins 8-4

I’m not talking your average, run-of-the-mill tough either. Any guy can get nicked up during a game and keep playing. But Olivo, well, he takes toughness to a new level.

How? By playing through the pain of the male equivalent of childbirth–the dreaded kidney stone.

I, thankfully, have never had the displeasure of trying to pass a stone. I doubt very much my delicate urethra could take such pain. But Olivo, the Rockies catcher, has been dealing with those annoying concretions since 2003. One such concretion happened to show up recently, and Olivo had to pass it…during a game in which he was playing.

It happened in the eighth inning against the Diamondbacks. Olivo, tough as nails, passed the stone in a bathroom adjacent to the Rockies dugout, and then, get this, strapped the catcher’s gear back on and went to work behind the plate.

For real.

The amazing part is what he did a few minutes later. He strapped on his catching gear and returned to his croutch behind home plate.

Olivo explains it thusly…

“Believe me, it’s not fun,” said Olivo. “Sometimes, when I’ve got that thing, I just want to die. But I can handle pain a little bit. Once it’s gone, I’m normal, I’m good. Let’s play baseball.”

Oh, but it gets better.  Not content with being the toughest badass in baseball, Olivo went on to get a base hit in the ninth.  The next night Olivo passes yet another stone, gets another hit, and is immortalized into baseball legend.

Miguel Olivo, on behalf of me and my urethra, we salute you.

[Denver Post via Big League Stew]


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