Assistant Hockey Coach Suspended for Giving Players Post-Game Brews

Hey, who doesn’t love an ice-cold brewski after a game?  I know I do…so do a lot of people.  So what’s the big freaking deal if one of the coaches doled out a few frosty ones to his players after a tough game?

Well, for starters, I doubt very much that the arena has a liquor license, especially the locker room area.  Oh, and the players were 10-year-old kids.


An assistant coach and a parent who served as the team treasurer for the Sask-Can 2000 atom hockey team found in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, have been suspended after a video showed up on YouTube with the young hockey players posing with open cans and bottles of beer.  Don’t bother looking for the video…it’s already been removed.

Lorrie Heggie, head of the Sask-Can Hockey, commented on the video…

“I’ve talked to the guy and I can’t for the life of me figure out what he was trying to gain, whether he was just being a silly dad trying to have some goofy fun, or whether he had some purpose to it,” said Heggie.

“We’ve indefinitely suspended the individual that brought the beer into the dressing room and we’ve indefinitely suspended the fella that took the video.”

So who’s the bigger idiot here–the coach who brought the beer into the dressing room, or the “fella” who had the boys pose with the beer.  I’ll go with the coach, only because it seems the beer in question was Coors Light, which is clearly a violation of Canadian beer laws…sorry pal, it’s Molson Canadian or nothing.

Thankfully the video doesn’t show any of the boys actually drinking the beers, despite the prodding of the douchebag behind the camera.  Still, his narrative, while inappropriate, does add some much needed direction to the videos plot…

“Here we are in the locker room, young men just having a beer,” narrates the camera operator. “Look at that. Love it….the boys are enjoying a fine beer after a hard game.”

If there’s a positive to be taken from this incident of poor judgement, it’s that if any of the kids did take a swig of the Coors Light, there’s a much greater chance that they’ll be turned off of beer forever.

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