Greatest. Soccer. Tournament. Ever.

The World Cup takes place in South Africa starting next month, and from what my soccer loving friends tell me, it’s kind of a big deal.  I’ll take their word for it…but there is no way it can hold a candle to the charity matches put on by Wazee Pamoja group in Nairobi.

Let’s just say it’s the African equivalent to the American beer/softball league stocked by middle-aged men (and Eric Byrnes), only with way more drinking, as hard as that may be to fathom.

Beer is an integral part of games involving the four club league.  I don’t mean before or after matches…I mean during.  Managers and substitutes resigned to the bench are served cold, frosty ones by bar waitresses.  But don’t cry for the players on the pitch–they run back and forth to the sidelines for quick swigs of beer, before rejoining the game.

Which begs the question–why even have a game?

Charity baby…charity.  The league uses money raised from their matches to help the less fortunate in their society.  Case in point, the group donated 25 bales of maize flour for victims of hunger.

To recap–beer makes boring soccer more fun, which means more participants and fans, which means more money for charitable endeavors.

Ah sweet beer–is there anything it can’t do.

[The Standard]


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