Red Sox Minor Leaguer Hopelessly Devoted to Erin Andrews

I don’t know whether this is cute, or creepy, or something else altogether. It’s kind of sweet, in a Lifetime Movie of the Week starring Tori Spelling sort of way.

Daniel Nava is a minor leaguer in the Red Sox system, currently toiling at the Triple-A level in Pawtucket. Big f–king deal, right? That’s what I said. Seems Daniel has a bit of a crush on someone that surely has a lot of admirers around the world…Erin Andrews.

Yes, THAT Erin Andrews, ESPN sideline reporter, contestant on Dancing With the Stars, and all-around lovely gal.

Daniel, however, is so smitten with Ms. Andrews that he leaves a ticket for her on the pass list…every night. Everyone in unison–awwwww. So far Andrews hasn’t taken the minor leaguer up on his offer, and I doubt she ever will. Why? Because Rava’s been doing this for three years, and still no Andrews.

But like any good stalker, er, potential paramour, I’m sure that he’ll continue on with his tradition in the hopes that one day his love will be requited, and he and Ms.Andrews will have a great story to tell the grandkids.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go throw up.

[Heard it From Hoard via SB Nation]


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