Weightlifter Attempts 1008-lb Squat, Ends Up Puking and Passing Out

Logan Lacy, a 21-year-old weightlifter competing in the APF Senior Nationals, attempts to squat an ungodly 1008 lbs.  Why 1008 lbs.?  Why the hell not.

You really have to admire people like Lacy who constantly push the athletic envelope without getting a paper cut.  Actually, a paper cut would’ve probably been preferable to Logan in this instance.  To say his lift didn’t go so well would be an understatement.  It didn’t go so well for the judge in the white shirt either.

Far be it from me, a horribly out-of-shape slob who gets winded answering the telephone, to poke fun at Logan Lacy.  Hell, the man could crush my skull with a slight tensing of his thighs.  So could most of the people in the video, including the vomitee judge and the woman with the nice rack who seems genuinely concerned with Logan’s well being.

What have we learned from Logan Lacy’s endeavors?  Well, for starters, if you’re a judge in a weightlifting contest, never wear a white shirt.  Secondly, squatting 1008 lbs. should always be done on an empty stomach.  Oh, and projectile vomiting, whatever the situation, is always hilarious.

[H/T to Windy Citizen]


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