Super Bowl Related Final Jeopardy a Wonderful Collection of Fail

So, the final Jeopardy category on last night’s episode was the Super Bowl, which I’m sure had the three contestants paralyzed with fear, seeing that most Jeopardy participants are more familiar with Carl Jung than they are with Carl Eller.

So it came as no surprise that two of the three contestants gave the wrong answer to the final question , “As of 2010 it’s the only current NFC team that has never played in the Super Bowl?”  (the correct answer is the Detroit Lions)  What was a surprise was how bad the two wrong answers actually were…

You tell me what’s the bigger fail…the woman who quite obviously guessed the “Jacksonville Panthers,” or the guy who answered ??  Props to the woman for a) at least giving it a shot, and b) knowing that Jacksonville actually has something resembling an NFL team.

Buddy, if you can’t name one NFC team, let alone an NFL team, you sir, are not a real man.  As the vlogger says, time for this guy to turn in his man card.

[H/T to Sports Crackle Pop]


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