Your Morning Wood for July 8th (Goddamn It’s Hot Edition)

Other than it being hotter than the seventh level of hell, what have I missed?  Who’s this LeBron James character everyone’s talking about, and why should I watch his ego-driven special on ESPN tonight?  Why am I only speaking in questions?  Why can’t dogs look up?

Juvenile Reuters headline of the day. [Sports Crackle Pop]

Weed Against Speed calls out Adam Schefter for being a corporate shill for the WWL.  Well played Weed…well played. [Sportress of Blogitude]

Michelle Wie went to Stanford, but doesn’t quite understand what it means to be Phi Betta Kappa. [The Big Lead]

Rangers fan wants a home run ball so bad, he’s willing to run over a little kid to do it.  Couldn’t he have just knocked the kid down and taken the ball anyway? [Sports by Brooks]

Say it ain’t so Ozzie!  Guillen seems to be growing bored with the whole Twitter thing. [You Been Blinded]

My heart says Spain, but my junk says the Netherlands, but that’s only because porn star Bobbi Eden has promised to give all her Twitter followers BJ’s if the Dutch win the World Cup.

Georgia CB arrested for not knowing his middle name.  That is all. [Jockpost]


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