Bachelor Party Turned Nude Fishing Trip Interrupted by Royal Air Force Helicopter

In case you’re wondering, yes, all those men on that fishing boat are naked as the day they were born.  The impromptu nude fishing trip was a bachelor party stunt orchestrated by the best man, 25-year-old Nick Woore, and the rest of the merry revelers.  The party itself was in recognition of Woore’s good pal Dave Lloyd, who is set to be joined in holy matrimony next month to his bride-to-be, one Catherine Ferguson.

The story goes that the gang of partygoers, all of whom were clearly drunk as hobos, thought it would be a humorous prank to be completely naked when the captain returned from the cabin.  So they did.  The captain, upon returning from his wheelhouse, was presented with a boatload of totally nude fisherman.

Luckily for Woore and his mates, the captain was a good-natured sort, and had a good laugh at the fellas expense.

But wait, it gets better.  Seems someone tipped the Coast Guard off about the boat full of naked men, so they alerted a Royal Air Force helicopter that was in the vicinity to investigate.  And sure enough, they found the bachelor party’s boat, had a laugh at the men’s genitalia (or lack thereof), and snapped the picture you see there.

A spokesman for the Coast Guard summed it up thusly…

“It was a stag do with some boys from Bristol. They were anchored off Mumbles Head. We had a good laugh and joke at it all. They appeared to have a few little tiddlers.”

Despite the presence of the RAF helicopter, and the addition of a few curious onlookers onboard other boats taking photos themselves, the men continued their nude fishing romp–and did quite well.  They ended up catching some gurnard, mackerel and bass.

Said Woore about the bachelor party turned naked fishing trip…

“What started off as a quiet fishing trip with a few beers turned into naked madness. It was one of the best fishing trips we’ve have ever had.”

Let’s just hope nobody accidentally got hooked in that spot no man wants to ever get hooked in.



About the author: Jeff Greenwell


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