Beer: Saving Women From Foul Balls Since 2010

Ah sweet beer..the frosty, malted beverage of the gods. What other drink is both refreshing and tasty at the same time, with the added ability of making ugly women attractive?

Know what else beer does? It saves lives.


Just ask this woman who’s life was spared during Thursday’s Marlins/Nationals game, thanks to the ice cold bottle of heaven she was holding.

A foul ball off the bat of a Marlins batter was headed straight for the women, and most likely would have struck her in the head or neck, undoubtedly causing serious injury, had it not been for said bottle of beer.

A little beer shower is peanuts compared to getting schmucked with a ball to the face. Hopefully a good Samaritan bought this woman a replacement beer, in honor of the delicious fallen soldier that sacrificed his life to save her pretty face.

Beer, is there anything you can’t do?

[CBS News]


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