Derrick Rose’s Home is Sweeter and Tastier Than Yours

(Photo by Zachary Johnston)

Want more proof your life will never be as good as that of a professional athlete?  All you have to do is check out Derrick Rose’s personalized Skittles machine, courtesy of the folks at Wrigley, the Chicago based candy company.

Word on the street is that Rose, the Bulls prodigiously talented point guard, has something of a sweet tooth, especially for the bite-sized chewy candles with the colorful candy shell, Skittles.  So Wrigley decided to set up Chicago born Rose with his very own, tricked-out Skittles machine, with the promise of keeping it well stocked with every flavor of Skittles, for the next three years.

Added bonus–whenever Rose passes by the machine, it tries to tempt him into having some Skittles…in his own voice.  That’s either incredibly creepy or incredibly effective…or both.

I don’t know if the Bulls organization is all too pleased with Rose having access to a neverending supply of his favorite sugary candy, but I know one person who is (other than Rose)…his dentist.

/you know, because eating all those Skittles may cause cavities, depending on Rose’s dental hygiene
/yeah, it’s a cup of weak sauce, but I’m a little tired…sue me

[H/T to Sports Biz]


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