Even the Youngest 49ers Fans Know What’s What

That’s the great thing about having kids–from an early age you can instill in them a deep sense of pride and passion for your favorite sports team, molding them into the same type of superfan that you’ve become.

Plus you can make them wear borderline offensive t-shirts to sporting events, and get away with it.

Case in point: these two pint-sized 49ers fans.

Yep, their shirts read “We’ve Got 5 Super Bowls Bitch,” which is both hilarious and slightly offensive. Unless you are a bitch, then it’s just hilarious.

I don’t fault the parents for letting their children wear these off-color garments, since bitch is one of those swear words that has lost some of it’s offensiveness over the years, much like ass or damn. No, the only problem I can see is the kid on the right and his questionable pose. That’s a little too “sassy” for me.

/I’m just sayin’ is all
// not that there’s anything wrong with that

[Dodgy at Best via SB Nation]


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