Erin Andrews Loves Her Some Late Night Taco Bell

It’s nice to know that despite her looks and fame, ESPN sideline eye candy reporter Erin Andrews is a down to Earth kind of gal, who, like many of us, enjoys a late night fill of tacos, as evidenced by the picture she posted of her and the ESPN College Gameday Crew hitting the Taco Bell drive-thru.

I’m sure your keen eyes and sharp mind picked up on the fact that Erin and company are walking up to the drive-thru window. Yeah, that’s because the ESPN Gameday bus wouldn’t fit…not that that was going to stop the gang from their appointed taco run.

Any bets on what Andrews ordered? I’m going with the 7-layer burrito, a chalupa supreme, and a couple of soft tacos—at least that’s what I’m hoping she ordered. As lovely as Erin is, she’s looking awfully thin lately . A few more late night runs to the border should help put some much needed meat on her bones.

[via @ErinAndrews]


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