Marlins Rookies Getting Hazed is Disturbingly Hilarious

The season’s winding down, you’re coming off a 7-1 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers, and it’s now time to hop on a flight bound for Atlanta for an upcoming 3-game series with the Braves.

Why not haze a few rookies then?

That’s what Wes Helms and a few of the other Florida Marlins veterans decided to do to rooks Logan Morrison, Scott Cousins, Mike Stanton and 10 others before boarding their flight to Atlanta.

Most were decked out as women, but Stanton and Jose Ceda were dressed up like babies, complete with bibs, an oversized pair of diapers for Ceda, and a lovely pink onesie for Stanton.

Most disturbing outfit hands down was Morrison’s Baywatch-esque lifeguard outfit.  Words won’t do it justice, so hold tightly to your heterosexuality and have a peek (NSFW if your boss has issues with mounds of fake pubes).

Anyone else find that somewhat attractive, or is it just me?  It’s just me isn’t it?  Curse me and my repressed psycho-sexual problems.

Finally, here’s hoping that pro teams continue on with this type of traditional rookie hazing, because seeing hairy, lumpy men dressed as ugly women will never be unfunny…ever.



About the author: Jeff Greenwell


Jeff Greenwell is the writer/editor of Last Angry Fan. Jeff has been known to rock a Speedo while belting out Robert Goulet tunes from his front porch, and in his spare time he enjoys capturing and training feral goats to be his minions. Also known to dig a nice brick of cheese from time to time.



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