Terry Francona Wants to Buy You a Ticket to the Gun Show

Work it Tito, work it!

Yep, that’s 51-year-old Terry Francona,  manager of the Boston Red Sox, celebrating his daughter’s engagement in the most fitting way possible…shirtless and flexing.  Seems appropriate to me–this is exactly how I celebrated my son’s briss, only fatter, drunker and oilier.

Gotta give it to Francona here—he’s in pretty good shape for a guy in his 50’s.  But being totally hairless like he is, I can’t tell if he looks more like a shelled turtle, or a very pale seal.  Whatever the case, Tito makes pretty cute daughters.  Why on Earth is she marrying Andy Richter’s taller, creepier doppelganger?

Livestrong bitches!

[H/T to Larry Brown Sports]


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