San Francisco Pot Dispensary Offering Free Weed for Giants Homers

Hands down, and I mean hands down, this is absolutely, positively THE…GREATEST…PROMOTION…EVER!

ReLeaf Herbal Center, a medical marijuana dispensary located in San Francisco, is prepared to give one sweet doobie to their San Francisco loving patients for every homer the Giants hit in the World Series.

That’s right—one homer, one joint.  Five homers, five joints.  Ten homers…well, you get the picture.

But the cannabis love doesn’t stop there.

ReLeaf is also offering a “bright orange” strain of ganja, as well as a THC-infused orange drink called “Giant Punch” at a discounted price to their patients.  Why does that sound like, without ever having seen or tasted it, the most awesome drink ever created?

Almost makes me wish I lived in San Francisco, and was sick enough to qualify for medical marijuana.  But not quite.

No word on how the clinic plans on combating the munchies that invariably occurs with consumption of free weed, but in keeping with the orange theme, I’m guessing Doritos…lots and lots of Doritos.

[H/T to Babes Love Baseball]


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