“Fire Brad Childress” Movement Trickles Down to the Minneapolis Bar Scene

Normally the 400 Bar, a staple of the Minneapolis live local music scene (since 1969!), places an ad on the Citypages website, listing their upcoming live acts for the week.  This week though, they changed things up a bit.

As you can see, there’s only one band getting any kind of publicity this week from the 400 Bar—a relatively unknown skiffle group named “Fire Childress.”  Either that or they’re just voicing their displeasure with Vikings coach Brad Childress.  I’ll say it’s the latter, because I doubt very much any bar could stay in business for over 40 years by booking a single skiffle group for an entire week, unless Minneapolis is a skiffle hotbed or something.

Hey, I’m sure the 400 Bar is just echoing the sentiment of many Minnesota fans when it comes to Childress and his standing with the team.  I mean, the Vikes are 2-5, he can’t control his 41-year-old quarterback on or off the field, and he publicly admitted the Randy Moss experiment was a monumental failure “poor decision.”  Plus it is their dime, so really, the only ones suffering here are the actual bands playing the 400 Bar this week, for it is they who will lose out, what with the smaller gate receipts and such.

The 400 Bar—come for the live music, stay for the grassroots movement to depose Brad Childress.

[MyFoxTwinCities via Out of Bounds]


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