LeBron Shoulder Bumps Coach Erik Spoelstra—Accidental or Intentional?

Think things are getting just a wee bit testy in Miami right about now?  The Heat are sitting at 9-8 (yes, 9-8) after yet another loss, this time to the Dallas Mavericks, 106-95.  This latest defeat prompted a closed door, players only meeting immediately after the game.  And Erik Spoelstra’s job status remains tenuous at best.

Think this is how LeBron, D-Wade and Chris Bosh envisioned the season playing out?

Midway through the 3rd quarter of the Mavs game, with the Heat down by 10, an incident took place between LeBron and head coach Erik Spoelstra that can be construed a number of ways.  James gives Spoelstra a shoulder bump as he heads to the bench during a timeout.

Video follows the jump.

So, was it accidental, or an indication that Spoelstra has lost LeBron, and presumably, the rest of the Heat?

I’ll leave that up to you to decide, but either way, methinks Erik Spoelstra should start polishing up his résumé…like now.


About the author: Jeff Greenwell


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  • Barbrawalters

    Lol no accident the true queen is showing his colors in south beach little by little. Watchout gays in miami soon the qeen will be all the way out! Lmfao

  • Vanessabostick

    I use to love to watch the queen when he was the King but now I just love to watch her loose.

    • just saying

      Its wrong as hell to keep calling Lebron a low female or any female for doing bad, what that say about people thinking about women? it is a terrible .

  • Somey68

    Has there ever been a bigger biach that Queen LeBron?

    • Playlife2007

      not that i can recall maybe the big pussy from the 80`s pistons lambeer but at least he was a man a cry baby but never a full blown biatch like lequeen

      • Md1963

        The “champion” Pistons and Lambeer was one of the main reasons.

    • NBAbAllA

      lebron could eat any player in the NBA

      • Jahayes

        It takes five to play the game.

  • Tcb1515

    Lebron and company need to step the f*ck up. Stop blaming the coach, everybody!

    • D-towdad

      These Are Grown A$$ Men Pointing Fingers At Everybody But The One iN The Mirror ! Pat Riley Needs To Step In and Tell Them To Either Play To There Ability And Win Some Games Or Play The Others That Bust There Hump and give a 10000000000000% and possibley get a win or if they loose they will say they gave it there all and it wasn’t a 3 Ring Circus !

  • Bobbyistheshiz

    He has been spoiled his whole life what do you expect

    • Chinchecker67

      And how has he been spoiled all of his life? We see this everyday in sports on all levels right? If the heat were 11-6 or 12-5 people wouldn’t have anything to say. It’s easy to point out the bad but what about the 3.7 million dollars out of his own pocket he put in the housing project that he grew up in. Your right he’s just a spoiled kid from the burbs who hasn’t had to work for anything.

      • Rutgercity

        Spoiled in the sense that he’s always been a naturally gifted athlete who has goten away with things others haven’t- selfish/me first attitude- because of his talent. Since high school, and ESPN is partly to blame, he’s been touted and called the KING- you reap what you sow.

        • cavsfanatic

          So I guess whoever averages over 7 assist a game has a “me first attitude”, anyways what we have here is a bunch of people who obviously cant get over the fact James, Wade, and Bosh are on the same team and not playing well that’s understandable but what people fail to realize is that these guys are only human and the NBA is the NBA teams aren’t gonna just roll over and play dead if you had any sense at all you’d realize this other teams are on a mission too and there not getting enough credit because the heat are playing bad you sometimes have to look past the part that this guys are superstars…who cares cause when it comes down to it there still just NBA players….WAY TOO MUCH HYPE! This isn’t even our problem the heat suck right now big whoop i’m glad there bombing it, it just shows further in depth that you dont have to have a superstar caliber team to win!

      • Terrysellersmd

        Your argument that “We see this everyday in sports on all levels right? doesn’t mean he’s not spoiled. Your next argument that “If the heat were 11-6 or 12-5 people wouldn’t have anything to say,” might be true just like “if your mother had testicles, she’d be your father” might be true.
        Wake up! THE HEAT AREN”T 12-5 and Lebron is a spoiled brat who drove a Hummer while he was in high school living in the projects.

        • Southern Belle

          ” spoiled brat who drove a Hummer while he was in high school living in the projects. ”

          LMAO!! Sounds like the NCAA might want to pay attention to basketball players coming out of high school, instead of football players…. I don’t recall Reggie Bush ever owning or driving a ride like that and look what his greediness did to USC! That would be why no inquiry was done Lebron went straight from high school to the pros, guess Cleveland paid for that Hummer and alot more during his high school days, wonder what momma got for her years of difficulties, other than Lebron’s team mates of course!

        • Southern Belle

          ” spoiled brat who drove a Hummer while he was in high school living in the projects. ”

          LMAO!! Sounds like the NCAA might want to pay attention to basketball players coming out of high school, instead of football players…. I don’t recall Reggie Bush ever owning or driving a ride like that and look what his greediness did to USC! That would be why no inquiry was done Lebron went straight from high school to the pros, guess Cleveland paid for that Hummer and alot more during his high school days, wonder what momma got for her years of difficulties, other than Lebron’s team mates of course!

      • Rick0824

        How has he been spoiled all his life? Right off the top of my head, how many kids are given a brand new Hummer in high school?

        How many kids his age would have the audacity to tatoo “The Chosen One” across the top of his back? He thinks he’s the second coming of Jesus Christ.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2UHLYF4MSXDXH5HT4MEOA2XYVE Cindy

    Total disrespect from a player toward his coach. Unexceptable in any sport. Shows the player has no class what-so-ever.

    • Playlife2007

      has anything we have seen from lequeen shown class not since his preschool days lequeen is a poster child for the advocates of your a product of your environment you know the bleeding heart brain dead who like to blame everything on peoples environment cus they cant just grow up and act like men…..

    • JohnnyBeGood

      spoelstra is a little bitch anyways and too young and inexperienced to try and smooth out a team with that much caliber.

      • Wdh3114

        Lebron and his buddies thought they could make things happen. Now that they are struggling, they blame the coach. Face it Lebron, you lack class. Queens like you have really ruined a sport I used to love.

      • Rick0824

        Outside of LeJerk & Wade, what caliber?

      • RedBaronSIU

        What caliber? Three super egos and a band of gypsies?? If they had Michelle Obama as head coach..for what they’re getting paid—they should be clicking on all cylinders instead of whining like little b*#*&hes!

      • BW

        His experience, or lack there of, is irrelelvant when it comes to a player respecting his coach.

    • Scott Robbins


    • Tomjordan1969

      Cindy…..you said it best!!!!!!

    • Tomjordan1969

      Cindy…..you said it best!!!!!!

    • RedBaronSIU

      Cindy…I think everyone here is WAY too hard on Leb***h, and forgetting that all thats happening in South Beach is EXACTLY what Leb***h said it would be when he announced…..”I am taking my TALENTS to South Beach ” …stop complaining, folks, because you didn’t know what he was referring to was his talent for wrecking NBA teams…Cleveland..now Miami!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZH4NO5BBB7GKUXIEEMODDTFBMM Anonymous

    Time for a 30 day suspension. In which the Heat will go 26-4…

    • KiNgJaMeS

      yea like thats realistic, lebron is the best player the NBA has ever seen…hes just trying to make it work with two other all-stars and it will take a little time.

      • Leefortier

        Greatest player ever??? Give the guy about 10 more years on top and several more championships…..what…he hasn’t helped bring any team to a championship…oh never mind

      • gorilla64

        JOHNNYBEGOOD, You obviously know nothing about basketball if you think that worthless pile of ego is the best thing the NBA has ever seen!!!!!!!

      • oldfrog

        JohnnyBeGood your comment make you look like JohnnyBeBad. Stop smokin da ganja man. A fact’s a fact. Out here.

      • Blinkx928

        You had to have been drunk when you wrote “great player the NBA has ever seen”. I can’t believe that anybody with any gray matter between their ears would say that about LBJ or any other active player in the NBA right now.

      • Southern Belle

        “yea like thats realistic, lebron is the best player the NBA has ever seen”

        Ok by that statement you must have either been drunk, stoned or not born yet in the 80’s-90’s era when the game saw players like Robert Parrish, Larry Byrd, Kareem, Magic, and even before in the 70’s era with players like Wilt Chamberlain, etc. Any of those ring a bell??
        He’s got talent, but the best player the NBA has ever seen, man please put that Crack down before you hurt yourself……LMAO!!

      • Rick0824

        “LeBron is the best player the NBA has ever seen?” What kind of acid are you on?

  • Tlittljuan

    The man who fell to earth now realizes it. His nightmare will continue in full view.

  • Joel6102002

    Idk bron kinda looked like he was making a turn around right after he bumped him just because he f’ed the Cavs does not make him a bad guy. Im glad people are playing this much attention to him though considering he is a once in a lifetime type of player

  • Playlife2007

    methinks leborn should be polishing his resume cus at this point it is sad all the hype alll the shit he did in cleveland and his demeanor in general speak for themselfs a child at best we have had some great players in the nba and lebron is just a shame seriously every1 get over it he is not the best player by any means in the nba he is a over blown joke as for the heat well pat riley should have known better they didnt need lebron and had the stuck to d wade and got just chris bosch they would be sitting pretty now im glad to see miami is gonna have the same off the court issues with lebron cleveland had serves them right for chasing down and buying into the lebron hype its gonna cost them more then just the big paycheck gonna ruin there team for years to come you dont count on children if you want to succeed……..

    • Blinkx928

      Punctuation is your friend.

  • Gramatims

    What a punk-a** LeBron is. That bump was purely intentional. Very unsportsmanlike conduct from an athlete who been allowed to think that he is The King. He’s the king all right — the King of Punks.

  • Viomorte

    He never should have left Cleveland!!!

    • Rod4luv

      Get over it! Nothing good in sports has come out of Cleveland since Jim Brown and he couldn’t wait to get out of there…..lol

  • Longhauler2001

    That wasn’t intentional. His right arm goes back near the end of the video in an apologetic move. There is plenty to criticize LeBron for, no need to make something up.

    • GrittyCleveland

      Agree with you, longhauler. Not intentional. His arm does come back as if to give the coach a friendly excuse me pat. He doesn’t complete the more, but he thought about it for a second. People see what they want to see. And I am a Cavs fan who wants him to FAIL bigtime, but many of the “geniuses” on this site are amazingly petty.
      GO CAVS…..and TRIBE……and BROWNS!!!!!!

    • Sports Fan

      Agree with you, Longhauler2001 🙂

  • David

    Heres the scoop …South Beach is a 24/7 Party and he is not mature enough to handle it….

    Thought he was great for Cleveland now he`s the second fiddle in South Beach……ASK the Queen if he would like some Cheese with that Whine!….
    Send Bosh to Cleveland…..he`s your true gentleman out of the 3…..DWADE -+is having tooooo much fun with his knockout girl friend ….thats why his wife lleft him …Go figure~
    BAsketball Whats that ?Right DWADE

    Hey Lebron…You left a better team that was closer to a championship than You are at this point in time~ See you in Cleveland this week!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh before I forget….The three of you like beating up on subpar teams and running
    up the score , but when a good team crosses your path same end reult …You lose and cry~

  • Anonymous

    LeBron finally demonstrated what he is really made of and that is coming true that he feels he is bigger that the game and the team. This guy is a major disappointment, will never be a Michael Jordon class ball player!

    He needs a bigger size hat for his head!

  • Mgahunter4

    It wasn’t accidental, James did it intentionally. He should be fined for his behavior.

  • Frankieruizjr

    Yes it was!! Erik has to stop eating shit

  • Joey

    So . . . . . . , Miami’s not gonna win 75 games this season?

  • oldfrog

    LBJ just continues to dig himself a hole. At this point every little thing he does will be magnified 10 fold and at one point or another he WILL NOT be able to turn it around. He has talent but upstairs he is empty. A fact’s a fact. Out here.

  • http://www.everythingyoualwayswantedtoknow.blogspot.com/ Adam

    Intentional. If a regular guy bumps into someone like that, he’d turn and apologize or, at the very least, look behind him.

  • Southern Belle

    I think thats BULLSHIT!!! Lebron will have a problem with authority with any team he plays for! He has developed the “I’m rich, bigger than life and its all about what I want mentality! I had no problem with his fleeing Cleveland, I had a problem with the ultra egotistical way he did it, which was sponsored by the media! If they were to act like his ass didn’t exist for one month and he couldn’t see that smug ass look of his on TV then he would have never had the platform to show the world what a pompus ass he has become!!
    I am an avid sports fan, was an athlete in school, I have no problem with professional athletes being paid well for their talents, however when one thinks they are bigger than the game itself and acts as if the sport would not exist without them, then we need to stop supporting them. Lebron is now finding out for all his, Wade and Bosh’s showboating they are still getting their asses beat because other teams are playing like a team and not a three man side show!!
    Stay strong Cleveland, a few more years like this and he’ll be running from Miami!!

  • Gregk5513

    lebron is a douche, but seriously, no big deal.

  • Nomjr

    If you think he is the best the game has ever seen, your not a real fan of basketball..

  • Parrottheadinga2004

    It just shows what a prima donna acts like. He thinks he is better than anybody and that he is the main reason the fans come to basketball games just to see him play.

  • Bhuddabutt

    Why is it that the coach has to go, when the players aren’t the ones performing? If LeBron gave up on his team in Cleveland what makes you think he won’t give up on them in Miami?

    • Sports Fan

      In every sport, coaches are always the first to go when teams don’t perform….that’s just the way it is in the world of professional sports….however, for the fans, the average everyday worker, it does not work that way…if you are not performing, you get fired, not your boss !!!! Funny how that works 🙂

  • JK

    You mean LeBron isn’t getting his way…funny how life is different when you aren’t getting you butt kissed in Cleveland…time to grow up Lebron

  • Biglar Hoss

    I say that it was totally intentional and if I was Spoelstra I would bench his sorry ass. They are walking towards each other and James has his arrogant head up and thinking he’s not going to give any ground and even tries to hit the coach with an elbow to get him out of the way. Pat better step in or this is going to be an ugly season for the Heat. Who ever thought that you could have that many egos on a team anyway.

  • Peenie74

    I don’t remember seeing MJ doing this to Phil when he was losing to teams like the Pistons, Lakers, and Celtics. Maybe you should have stayed in Clevland you f -ing crybaby.

  • Brent Rutgers

    Appears intentional or if not intentional,Lebron didn’t care if he bumped him or not.Lebron’s arm comes outward after bump as if to say get off of me.James clearly has upper hand whether the coach’s job is short lived or not.Coach could be gone 11-28-10

  • Hairypalm

    Next game the Queen should only play 6 minutes to teach his punk ass a lesson.

  • Jaymgil1

    KARMA, KARMA, KARMA!!! LeBum Lames will never win a ring because of what he did to Cleveland. Worst carreer move ever. Not that he left. But the way it was done. Lovin it!

  • todeextreme

    For those of you who said this was unintentional, are you kidding me?? Look at the video, he see’s the coach walking towards him/each other, his elbow then extends outward to finish the move!! He also has complained the coach is playing him to long!!

  • cleveland1

    “why so serious?”….. leQueen?

  • John Carberry

    he should have done what all players looking for a championship in the last 15 years have done; Join the Lakers

  • Beout

    Whether it was accidental or intentional LeBron is a competitor. The Heat will be okay. Stop hating on his decision to take his own career in his own hands. John Elway did it. Manning did it in New York. Maybe more athletes should take care of their own careers vice leaving it to the owners to decide where they live and work.

    • Rick0824

      If he was a true competitor he never would have said “he didn’t want the pressure of having the most points every night” and never would accept being second fiddle on any team. Can you imagine Michale Jordan going to Atlanta and being the second fiddle to Dominique Wilkins? He knew Cleveland hasn’t won a title in any sport since 1964 and wasn’t competitive enough to be up to the challenge. If you think he didn’t quit in the playoffs last year against Boston, you are seriously deluded.

    • Sports Fan

      Agree 100%……good comment

  • Jaymgil1

    LeBum said he took Cleveland to places they have never been. He’s right, Cleveland has never been swept in the finals before. Thanks Chosen One. Glad to see you losing.

  • Changm003

    I remember Cavs had a much better record same time last year than the Heat now…I also remember…Cavs had the best regular season record two years in a row and people said LBJ had no help. no team in Cleveland? Are you kidding me?

  • H

    Le Boob is a fool. He has no class a ghetto rat, that cannot be his own man. He needs to ride somebodys coat tails to win.

  • Jenny M

    In more ways than one, Lebron didn’t look where he was going.

  • Beout

    Let’s not stoop so low to say LeBron has no class. Question: If Bird or McHale or Jabbar bumped their coach would you consider it “NO CLASS?” Ummmmmmmmmm. Stop hating on LeBron’s decision to TAKE HIS OWN CAREER IN HIS OWN HANDS. It’s much akin to you or someone else leaving your job for better pay, better working condition, better benefits. THINK! WAKE-UP!!!!

    • Changm003

      Cavs had much better record same time last year than Miami now. Better working condition? Please count how many fans dislike you now and compare to before.

    • Southern Belle

      “Let’s not stoop so low to say LeBron has no class. Question: If Bird or McHale or Jabbar bumped their coach would you consider it “NO CLASS?” Ummmmmmmmmm”

      Yes indeed!! It wouldn’t have mattered if it was Michael Jordon!!! There were known issues between Jordan and the Philster but Jordan never showed any disrespect to him in public and it amazes me that he’s doned the “greatest NBA coach in history” all because of the number of championships. However I’ve never seen him hit the court and put up one point to win any of them…. He was blessed by fabulous recruiting and deep pockets from owners that could afford him the finest players!! Thus why he’s in Lakerville and has been! Deeper the pockets, better the talent!!

      • ASDFJKL

        all of you sound like HATERS. your coach has no talent nor the RESUME.
        daddy’s boy came to work with him and hung out with ATHLETES and president RIELY
        was wrong in thinking he would fit in as MASA of the field hands!

        PS: the aggression is a direct reflection of this
        country’s 500yr HISTORY.
        ( I LOVE EVERYONE)

    • Bookczarfungi

      No. Bird, McHale or Jabbar wouldn’t have run into their coach. And had they accidentally bumped into him they would have turned and apologized.

      And NO! This is much akin to a no class junior high school ball player and his cronies purposely flunking the 8th grade three years in a row so they can win a city championship against opponents a foot shorter than them…and failing, I might add.

  • Patty Moriarty

    I would have benched him for the rest of the game. Respect your coach!!! He is so full of himself. He needs to be knocked down a peg or 2.

  • Beout

    I’m done. This site is for the mindless!!!!!

  • Tony May

    welp… the grass isnt always greener on the other side now is it? probably a little too late to go back where he shoulda stayed tho. so LBJ here are ur options now… admit, on a espn staged event, that u made a huge mistake leaving Cleveland. cleveland fans are the most forgivable if u make the effort to make things right. face it, ur team was better in cleveland than it is in miami now.. its a team, not a 3 man show. or ur other
    option… stay goin with whats wrong and u know whats wrong .. like barry bonds and sammy sosa, people wont forgive. but u dont hear anymore bad publicity about alex rodriquez now do you? so now let us WITNESS what ur next move will be.. its your choice LBJ.

  • tlc27

    I think Lebron needs to grow up, this isn’t high schoool.

  • srts

    LeBron is an a-hole pure and simple. Thinks he’s so great – he’s done and won nothing! He’s getting exactly what he deserves in Miami. No class! No ‘great’ player would have ever done that to a coach. NBA is a bunch of trash anyhow.

  • Heyrobert

    This shows the level that the NBA has sunk to with the poor attitudes, insane payrolls and “I” mentality that is rampant. Queen James has just taken it to a new level, that’s all. If the team owners pander to Queen James and fire the coach, the Genie will be totally out of the bottle, never to be returned. If on the other hand, the teams owners make Queen James apologize, fine and suspend him it would send the correct message off “There is no “I” in Team. Personally, I would bench him for the rest of his contract and then trade him. Attitudes like his are cancer to ANY organization; all they do is grow and spread. Come on people, anyone who EVER played sports, been in the Armed forces or even goes to work daily, understands why Queen James attitude can not be allowed.

  • Parbuster47

    Who cares?

  • Enlighten1

    This dude continues to show people why he’s classLESS. He tells his mother to sit her @ss down a few seasons ago, he shows us his sportsmanship after being eliminated from the playoffs by leaving the court with no congratulatory handshake, he stinks it up in the playoffs last season with turnovers galore. Then for some reason the world cared enough to watch this guy tell people where he would play. It’s really simple, yes he’s phenomenal, but sit his @ss down and snap him back into reality because that sort of disrespect is just ridiculous and it just adds to an already sinking perception of this divas personality.

  • Klonghopper

    If anyone should be ticked off, it should be the little three in miami. THEY, and Their Team arn’t playing wirth a darn. They SUCK, because THEIR egos get in the way… If THEY adopted an attitude of TEAM, the the Boston Celtics, THEY would be MUCH BETTER OFF. Don’t blame the coach, because you think your you know what doesn’t STINK, because IT DOES!!!

    • RedBaronSIU

      Klon—I agree; The REAL problem here is not ONLY the players–but Riley too! he will be no “savior”–if he comes down to the bench..I think LeBron is carrying most of the blame, but Riley is the one who has bankrupt the franchises future by trading or giving away their next FIVE first round picks and two in the second round; it will be many years before they recover from his maniacal, ego driven decisions. Also, DWade (and Lebron) knew basket-ballwise, an established core team (like the Bulls) would have been a FAR better choice for multiple championships then the Heat; instead they settled for the quick bucks and floodlights, proving they have no respect for the games traditions…so they’re reaping what they’ve sown!

  • Wow43

    Lebron showed his true colors and lack of meantal toughness against Boston last year. How amny times does he fall down and roll around, dragging himself to his feet as everyone rushes to his side. OVER RATED. At least D-Wade used to play his guts out although vastly undermanned. I root against the Heat every game….

  • Wdavis1963

    Let me see he used to be the King then he was the Queen but the way it looks now he is only a Court Jester!

  • KevinB

    Spoelstra has no idea how to handle these guys. Riley had best get his butt on that bench before the season goes bye-bye.

  • Radarruder24

    heat are overrated not enough basketballs for this team

  • Dave

    Time to think about a trade away then 2 can handle the ball more~….Would`nt it be Ironic…
    Then their Little South Beach Playground would be just 2~………..Hey LEBRON the grass isnt always greener Or should I say the SAND….. LOL…..
    Your second fiddle in South Beach maybe they will name a county after you like then did For
    Dwade……if you cry more~!….LABUM COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Antonio6405

    I dont think this was an accident he probably wanted to bump in to him hes got no respect for the coach if things arent going as well as they thought they would it,s not all tha coachs fault the playrs have a big responsibility on ho well the team pkays,,,,

  • Texanna11


  • Cahusbnds

    You can always tell wannabes. When you are caught up in the HEAT and passion of the game, whether winning or losing, do you really think that these things don’t happen? Please, give me a break. You people want tt see Lebron, D-Wade and CB lose so badly that youu guys are blinded by your hatred. At the end of the day, the HEAT will be just fine. Go BARBADOS.

  • Vtsky1

    LeBum has never won anything, and probably never will. He’s a great individual talent, but that doesn’t win except against much lesser talented teams. I never thought putting James and Wade on the same team was a good move. They both need to be the BIG MAN, with the ball in their hands all the time. Problem….only one ball.

  • MassAppeal

    Why are you all trippin … this is all part of the master plan. It brings a massive amount of attention to South beach, if the Heat were winning, like dominating the competition, everyone would be saying “Well what do you expect, they’re a team with monstrous capability”. In my opinion, LeBron can outperform the entire opposition himself, if he wanted to, but I don’t think he wants to break a nail.

  • Frank Lopez

    A quiter is a quiter and will always be one. The one blames everybody for everything. We should ask Jesse Jackson what he thinks of that bump; see Lebron is black and the coach is white and clearly Lebron was the one looking straight so he saw the coach coming and did not avoid him. Is that racism Mr. Jackson? Or just a classless millionaire athlete with an attitude problem?

    • Bernpb

      Re: Frank Lopez

      Enough of the he’s black…..etc. What the hell does that have to do with anything. Stick with the topic and tone down the “queen” and racial comments.

  • Mfpuddin1228

    When Miami acquired “the king” this past summer, there was no mention of the coach whats so ever. All we kept hearing was that Miami was going to dominate the season and that they were guaranteed to go to the finals. Now that things aren’t going the way they had envisioned, they want to throw the coach under the bus. The way they were perceived coming into the season, they didn’t really need a coach to win. So why now is it the coaches fault for a less then stellar result. That is hypocrisy at it’s highest form.

  • Wdh3114

    Coach…set the standard. Bench the queen!

  • Nick

    he did the same thing to mike brown.. he has no respect whatsoever…its a sure sign of a loser..

  • Wasabi66

    How old is Spermoza? Don’t send a boy to do a man’s job…it never works out!

  • Dave

    hey Lebron….Your playing CLEVELAND THIS WEEK….
    Take your earplugs…Becaause those fans are going to ride you every second your in that Building…Weather your on the floor or warming the bench….Maybe Pat Riley should just have you watch the Game in the locker room…..with Cheese & Crakers with some WHINE~…..Northeast Ohio is Not letting you down easy ,….its not that you left The CAVS its how you left the Cavs….Dan Gilbert should have been told in advance as a gentleman to gentleman….afterall he placed you on the Throne~ But as any Benedict Arnold would do,,,,You Dissed him and your fans! Your a fine Example for young people~

  • Dave

    hey Lebron….Your playing CLEVELAND THIS WEEK….
    Take your earplugs…Becaause those fans are going to ride you every second your in that Building…Weather your on the floor or warming the bench….Maybe Pat Riley should just have you watch the Game in the locker room…..with Cheese & Crakers with some WHINE~…..Northeast Ohio is Not letting you down easy ,….its not that you left The CAVS its how you left the Cavs….Dan Gilbert should have been told in advance as a gentleman to gentleman….afterall he placed you on the Throne~ But as any Benedict Arnold would do,,,,You Dissed him and your fans! Your a fine Example for young people~

  • Tomjordan1969

    Not at all suprised by this. James is a lost soul,arrogant beyond belief, and not even close to being a championship type player. He should take a lesson or 2 from that guy that plays for the Lakers…..I think his name is Kobe something????

  • Tomjordan1969

    Not at all suprised by this. James is a lost soul,arrogant beyond belief, and not even close to being a championship type player. He should take a lesson or 2 from that guy that plays for the Lakers…..I think his name is Kobe something????

  • Dschaff2

    James has no respect for nobody and this shows it. he thinks he is so good. mmmmm right here shows he is nothing. and then to disrespect the coach like that he did it on purpose. he will say differant.he needs to be sitting on the bench for a while.james is only hurting himself digging himself deeper with fans hating him. hell miami can’t get fans to come tot he game. i bet if they got rid of james things would change around. he was to be the spot light of everything and Dwade is the man on this team always will be as along as he is on this team. no James he is a nobody.

  • Ftw382

    lebron showed he has no class with how he left cleveland so does this really suprise anyone.

  • Jfr310

    If you really look at the video, Lebron tries to lean out of the way. It’s amazing how people blow things out of proportion.

  • Darkmann

    I’m not a LeBron fan (my daughter is!) and never liked that the heat thought having star caliber players would lead them to the NBA title – never works, too much ego. But him bumping the coach, I hope that’s not accidental. Erick Spoelstra has a lot of talent in this team and it’s looking like he can’t manage them properly. This one is on the coach people. The talent is there – use it!

  • Soulha30

    Wow all you guys are fags and blowing this way out of proportion. Lebron is the man, that coach sucks dick, but the whole thing was probably an accident. Lebron was not ever spoiled nor was he born with superhuman powers, he was just a kid who worked hard and had a bad childhood outside of basketball.

    • Binnyswaa

      Who gives a rats ass about LeBron’s childhood? I certainlydon’t. It’s too bad we can’t strip him of his jersey and send him back to the hood he came from.

  • Jeanhy

    Really, there is something wrong with the team right now, no coordination, no tactical chemistry,no real leadership, no meshing between the players and the coach, in other words the Heat seems lost at any time they’re playing a team with a winning record. so they are not where they are supposed to be at this point of the season. Should we give them more time?
    Time is of essence right now. let’s see what’s coming from the players meeting before throwing the towel. give them 6 more games before making crucial decisions. If they have to change the coach, let it be. Bring Riley down before it’s too late to save the sunken ship. After all it’s a business, no one ‘s job is safe.

  • roger

    Jackson was right!!!!!!!!! GOLAKERS!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/DJSega1 David G Lee

    My boy is good, he going to be ok!!



  • QQNewbs

    It’s funny how ****ing stupid people on the internet are. Hey let’s all make something that isn’t a big deal a huge deal cause we don’t like Lebron since he’s richer and more talented than us, and won’t act humble about it. Keep chuggin the Haterade people.

    • JJ

      hey look, it’s another ****ing idiot on the internet (you). Don’t assume, don’t put words in anyone’s mouth, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and quit with that ghetto ass term “haterade”.

      If I hated Lebron, he would know it. trust me. i just can’t stand his stuck up ass, and it sounds like you’ve been swallowing his, if you know what I mean.

  • Johnny3

    even if it was accidental or not, can’t LeBron even apologize or look behind once he hits his coach to give him a gesture. that timeout bump is comparable to taking a charge full speed from LeBron
    what a douche

  • Yannaro

    Guess what would have happened if he done that to Red Auerbach? Oh, by the way, LeBron is lucky he never had to play against Bill Russell.

  • vaa**hole

    yall people dumb as hell. how many times do you see players bump teamates or refs in a game? aint nothing intentional about it. If he pushed his ass out way, or if he argued with him, then id understand. Because its Lebron and because he broke the law of the world and decided to go somewhere else, as a free agent, and because all the heartbroken people of the world can’t seem to get past it, he’s wrong. If anybody else bumped they coach, you dumbies would be saying of course he did it accidentally.

  • http://twitter.com/DodgersKings323 Richard Hernandez

    Wow……and i was backing off Lebron, actually defending him a little, now i’m back to full Lebrick hater mode.

  • Herostatus1

    LeBron Should’ve gone to his turnaround jumper or fade away 15 footer. Wait a minute he has neither!! hahaha Man’s game beeeyatch!

  • Mario

    LeBron is an ass! That was intentional! He moved his shoulder into him!

  • Chweeeeezy

    Lebron is just pissed because he can’t blame a shitty season on his shitty team anymore.

    Shoulda stayed in Cleveland biiitch.

  • Mike

    Maybe Lbj’s Daddy who livesin Erie Pa. and wantsnothing to do with him should step up and beetch slap his dumb azzzz

  • Gtrepo1

    Imagine how a getto kid that can play basketball get into a Private High School, Like St V, St Mary. and drive a hummer to high school, Just like his mother, a walking street ho, Glad to have you move to South Miami, You never had any class before and you dont have any class now, Glad to have your boys move along with you, You piece of shit, Lebum

  • Marda2

    pampered people rarely accept responsibilty for negative results . it is very easy to blame someone else. superstars are too talented and don’t lose … it must be the coach. team chemistry is vital and takes time to cultivate and until everyone understands their role its five guys instead of one team. lebron is a pro and would never disrespect his coach. its understandable he is frustrated but he one of the few of the pampered that know its the players and not the coach that runs up and down the floor. at times we have all been in deep thought and paid no attention if our shoulder bumps someone else

  • Anonymous

    If you watch it slow enough you can see it was intentional because Lebron followed all the way through with his arm after the bump

  • Kjeannette

    I don’t think the coach is at fault for james ,bosch and wade running off at the mouth about the invincibility of their triumverate. They talked the talk and can’t walk the walk.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t here D Wade complaining . Dwyane said it’s not the coach it’s us, the players. I think it’s pretty clear that Wade and James are two different type of people. Wade has class and James has n0ne.

  • Lilal35

    He should apologize to his coach. If not then his coach should tell him that shit better not happen again or it will be a real problem.


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