Nats Ryan Zimmerman Sure Can Cut a Mean Rug

I don’t know much about Washington Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, other than he’s a pretty damn good ballplayer, and he’s one of the few players in the league whose last name starts with “Z.”

Other than that, bupkus.

Scratch that.  I now know something else about the man—namely, that Ryan Zimmerman is a helluva dancer.

For a baseball player that is.

Zim was in the wedding party of a high school chum, and like a lot of weddings these days, the formal entrance to the reception was scrapped, replaced with the couples in the wedding party busting a move.

When it was time for Zimmerman’s entrance, he turned that mutha out.

Video follows the jump (Zim shows up at the 2:10 mark)…

Yeah, looks like Zim was having a real raging time.  Crowd seemed to be into as well, but who wouldn’t be after seeing an All-Star third baseman make like a manly Fred Astaire.

Sure he finished 16th in the NL MVP voting, but after that performance, he’s No. 1 in our hearts.


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