Video: Cards Derek Anderson Rips Reporter After 49ers Loss

Something struck Derek Anderson funny in the third quarter of the Arizona-San Francisco Monday Nighter.  Was it something lineman Deuce Lutui said as the pair enjoyed a moment on the sideline, reveling in the 18-point deficit their team faced, or did Anderson catch a glimpse of his laughable stats (16-35, 196 yards, zero TD’s, 1 INT) on the Jumbotron?

Look, I admire, even respect, Anderson’s lackadaisical attitude towards work—it’s not like the game was “a win leaves us one game back of the division leader in the comically weak NFC West” type of game anyway.  OK, so it was, but even Derek Anderson had to realize that with him being his usual Derek Anderson-y self, the Cardinals had no chance to come back and win (which they obviously didn’t, since the final was 27-6).  Why not laugh your troubles away?

Let’s watch Anderson having a chuckle on the sidelines…

Drawing the ire of Jon Gruden isn’t an easy thing to do these days, but Derek Anderson, you did it, you magnificent bastard.

Your logical next step would be to rip a reporter who dares to ask you about the incident during the post-game press conference. Wait, you did that already?

If only Anderson showed that much fire on the football field, he might actually be almost kind of mediocre, instead of the train wreck that he is.


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