Bucs LB Geno Hayes Celebrates Big Win by Getting Tasered and Arrested

Bucs LB Geno Hayes found an unusual, and stupid, way of celebrating his team’s 17-16 win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday—by getting tasered and arrested.

Wouldn’t a nice dinner and drinks have been a better choice, Geno?

Hayes was at the Blue Martini, an upscale Tampa area nightclub, at around 2 a.m. when the incident occurred.  Seems an acquaintance of Hayes’ showed up at the club, but was denied entry.  The Tampa Bay star caught wind of the commotion and went to investigate.

In the process, Hayes shoved police Cpl. Robin Penix aside, getting between her and the unidentified man, as well as a second, unidentified person.  Both men left and cops told Hayes he could go back inside.

Here’s where it goes south for Hayes.

Instead of going back inside the club, Hayes stood at the entrance of the bar, and according to police, began “making derogatory statements and menacingly staring at the lounge security personnel and police.”  From what I understand, cops don’t like that sort of thing, so they politely escorted Hayes to the parking lot and told the 6-foot-3 and 225 pounder not to come back.

Care to guess what happened next?  I’ll give you a hint—high voltage was involved.

Don’t tase me, TBO

About 10 minutes later, Hayes returned saying he left his credit card behind. He was told to have a seat at a nearby store while his friend retrieved the credit card, but he refused to leave the Blue Martini’s front door, police said.

Hayes “assumed an aggressive stance, acted combative and refused to leave the establishment,” police said.

According to Price’s affidavit, Hayes “was loud, verbally abusive and made threats to myself and staff from the club.”

Hayes, who is 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds, was warned that he would be shocked with a stun gun if he didn’t leave, and Hayes persisted, the report said.

Price used his stun gun, but Hayes’ clothing was too thick for the shock to subdue him, the report said. Price then tackled the linebacker and took him into custody.

Wow, an athlete who’s had too much to drink, carrying a sense of entitlement, getting in trouble with the law.  Who’d a thunk it?

Hayes was released a couple hours later after posting the $750 bail.

This isn’t Hayes’ first run-in with the law, or even his first taste of the taser—in 2007, Hayes was arrested and tased in a Tallahassee night club incident, while playing at Florida State.

Obviously Hayes is either dumb, a slow learner, or enjoys the feel of high voltage on his skin.  My money’s on the first choice.

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