Video: Cavs Assistant Tells LeBron to STFU, Becomes National Hero in Cleveland

I don’t know if you heard or not, but tonight was LeBron James’ first game back in Cleveland since taking his talents to South Beach.  I think there was some mention of it in the media, once or twice—I was told that it was kind of a big deal.

Could have used a bit more coverage if you ask me.

As to be expected, the Heat prevailed over the outclassed Cavaliers 118-90, thanks in large part to LeBron and his 38 points.  Give credit to Cleveland, both the team and the fans—considering the emotion of what was taking place inside Quicken Loans Arena, the Cavs were able to keep the game somewhat close for the first quarter before the Heat went on a 16-0 run to pull away, and the fans, for the most part, were well behaved, save for a few skirmishes in the crowd, and one battery tossed near the Heat bench.

Yep, Cleveland kept it (mostly) classy.

Oh yeah, and there was that other incident, late in the second quarter, when James decided to engage the Cleveland bench in what I can only assume was some witty banter.  This didn’t sit well with assistant coach Jamahl Mosley, who became the voice for the entire Cavaliers fanbase when he told LeBron to “shut the f–k up.”

Yeah, pretty sure they’ll be erecting a statue in Mosley’s honor by the weekend.

But will they ever dedicate one to LeBron James?  Probably not, especially after Cavs fans hear one of the answers he gave Craig Sager during a post-game interview.

From the always classy Larry Brown Sports

Sager: You can’t go back with your decision but do you regret how it ended, would you like to apologize for the way it ended?

James: I don’t want to apologize. My intention was not to hurt anyone, my intention was solely on kids during the whole process. I always say the decisions I make I live with them. There’s always ways that you can correct them, or ways that you can do them better, but at the end of the day I live with them. I’m satisfied and I’m happy right now.

I guess Elton John was right, sorry does seem to be the hardest word…especially for LeBron James.

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  • Ragg

    The assistant coach should have tell his team to shut the f*** up, and show some heart, they call LBJ a quitter but their team quit on them last night. Does anybody think that LBJ would have won a championship with those scrubs? LBJ you made the right move living,haters gonna hate.

  • Superfan

    C’mon man, he didn’t even say the comments to LeBron’s face to where he would have even noticed; and exactly how did the Cavs keep the game closer than the score indicated? The Heat won by 28 and at one point in the game up by as much as 30+

    And funny how other reports on the game mention how items were in fact thrown on the floor except this one; a battery and broken bobble head and a towel at the least

    • Anonymous

      Fixed it up a bit. I only saw part of the game, and the Cavs played well for most of the first quarter, especially considering that most of their starters would be role players on any other NBA team. And when I wrote the article, I hadn’t heard about the battery (or other things), or the fight in the stands. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Dodgers Equal Life

        I wish I could’ve seen the original article. BTW I don’t think LeBron even heard the coach’s “stfu”

  • James Sapp

    P##@y A#@ assistant coach. I bet if old King James would have been on the CAVS team he would be kissing his entire A$#!!! “CTFU & LMBAO”

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  • Jpsweitzer

    lebron keeps saying he came to cleveland a boy and left a man. wrong. a man would not have left in the first place- his idol michel jordan did not leave chicago-business move my ass, loyalty means everything.

    a man in lebrons shoes with cleveland would have stayed, upgrade the team by one or two major players and lebron would have had his championship/championships. LEBRON BEHAVED AND STILL BEHAVES LIKE A BOY-A MAN PHYSICALLY, AN OUTSTANDING ATHELETE, BUT NOT A MANS MAN….

    • Stacygibbson

      get over it. your like an angry bitch that can’t get over her MAN leaving her… he’s not Michael Jordan.. he’s Lebron James. who the hell r u to judge him.. i’m still and will always be a fan

  • cavsfan1967

    It would have been great if the battery would have hit the shady fu** in the fore-head when he did Michael Jordans powder toss.

  • Lvboneman

    disappointed in in las vegas but still a buckeye and cleveland backer. lebron if you read theses comments to be from ohio there was a better way to treat the people in ohio where you was raised. i know you had the talent, but if it was me all the money in the world still would of kept me in ohio at least until we got our had a great chance for a great dynasty.


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