Kerry Collins’ Errant Pass Concusses Teammate, Knocks Him Out of the Game

"Heads Up!"

Lost in the Titans 34-14 shellacking at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs was this juicy little nugget of unintentional hilarity, courtesy of Tennessee QB Kerry Collins, his big right arm, a wayward pass, and a concussed teammate.  If you haven’t quite put those painfully simple puzzle pieces together, well, you’re beyond all hope.

An errant Collins pass sailed out of bounds—directly into the unsuspecting melon of Titans DE William Hayes.  Getting a football in the head isn’t all that funny, especially when it causes a concussion, as this one did, unless of course it wasn’t you who was on the receiving end of the Collins throw.  Then it’s absolutely freaking priceless.

Not only was Hayes concussed, he was also pulled from the game, a first for many people, Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher included…

“That’s kind of how the game went,” Fisher said. “I’ve never had a player leave the game with a concussion after getting hit with the ball on the sideline. But we’ll see how he is this week.”

I highly doubt Roger Goodell took this scenario into account when drawing up his concussion policy.  Wonder if he’ll fine James Harrison anyway.

Whatever.  Is it just me, or is this whole incident an apt metaphor for the Titans season to this point?



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