Nate Robinson Models the New “Cat Mink Fur” Shaq Bought Him

Nate Robinson looks half 50 Cent, half Zsa Zsa Gabor as he models this “cat mink fur” coat he received as a gift from Celtics teammate Shaquille O’Neal.  I don’t know if it’s a coat made of cat and mink fur, or some hybrid, as yet unknown “cat mink” animal culled from the isle of Dr. Moreau.  Either way, it’s pretty sharp, in a gaudy without being tasteful kind of way.

And a second, even better picture, thanks once again to Rajon Rondo’s Twitter account.

That’s how you work a “cat mink fur” coat.  It’s like something out of a Sears catalog for the monumentally garish.  But it’s funny as hell, and yet another reason to love Shaq, declining skills and all.



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  • AFS

    @nate_robinson! We love watching you play and your excitement for the game but this is just too tacky & cruel. I hope you consider donating that coat.

  • Jm

    I can not tell you how ridiculous and you look!! Please don’t wear that out in public if you want to look good, you look like and oafish baffoon!

  • Fyou88

    i want this coat. looks so cool and warm. what did you get this shaq?? anyone know where i can get this?? looks so freaking expensive too.

    • Jonnrr

      well dummie, all you got to do is suck shaq off.

  • VC

    THAT IS FAKE! Not to mention, you look like a retard

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  • MM

    This guy just looks like an idiot wearing that thing. Isn’t is usually women who wear these things to begin with? Not to mention all the torture that the animals go through when those things are made. I didn’t know that it was acceptable to wear something that another living being had to die for.

  • Anonymous

    Nate looks like an ewok and Shaq’s is definitely Chewbacca

  • FP

    it’s a  very nice mens fur coat.  Looks warm and comfortable. It’s great to see Nate in this coat.

  • mark cute

    i hate animal abuse… you look like a gorrila wearing fur


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