“Feelin So Fly Like a Cheesehead” is the Parody Song That Will Make You Hate the Packers

Wait, wasn’t it just earlier today that I was lamenting about the general crappiness of parodies?  Did I not say that most were lame and unfunny, with the extremely rare exception?  Do you need proof that I speak the truth?

Then watch these Green Bay fans who go by the name Higher Education, as they perform there song “Feelin So Fly Like a Cheesehead,” an ode to the Packers that spoofs “Fly Like a G6” by the Far East Movement.  Pretty much the only way to make an awful song like that even worse is to parody the hell out of it.

Higher Education hits an 11 on the crap-o-meter with this ridiculously bad parody.

Video that will make you hate the Packers follows the jump…

I never thought I’d find anything capable of making Jay Cutler appealing, but Higher Education seems to have done the impossible.


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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S5EAL3FOQCSMZJPM5YKMDXDZ4M Izzy Friedrik

    and now we’re going to the superbowl…
    packer fans were voted the best fans in the NFL

  • Rusty617

    what are you talking about? This is perhaps the greatest parody ever made-true genius:well put together, and great lyrics! How could you not love this?! Only anti-Packers would say such a thing

  • A S’consiner named Teadawg

    i agree with this dude called ‘rusty617’! i absolutly LOVE this parody, best song ever! what i love about this is its so sterotipic of us wisconsiners out there! who wouldnt love the part where they stepped on farve! even the oldman himself would love it! whats funny is that it compares us to a bizzard, and guess whats goin on now? the worst blizzard in a long time, no derp. i dont mind though, because… NO SCHOOL!!!!!!! because you know what…. we proudly wear cheeze on our heads and are so fly doing so. so take THAT steelers/bears/vikings/lions/dude who wrote article!!!!!!!!!!! (so many haterz, so little cheeze)

    HOLLA IF YOU LIVE AND LUV YOUR S’CONSIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *you know we so fly like a cheesehead*

  • Juice423

    Excuse me? This song is amazing! A song by the best fans in the world to the best team in the world!


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