Kyle Singler Demonstrates Perfectly The Art of the Duke Flop

Duke lost its first game of the season last night to the Florida State Seminoles by a score of 66-61.  Kyle Singler led the way for the Blue Devils with 20 points, which included five 3-pointers.

And one ridiculous flop.

With about nine minutes left in the game, and the score knotted up at 45, FSU forward Chris Singleton lays a forearm to the chest of Singler, which sends the Duke forward reeling.  Either Singleton is the strongest human being on the planet, or Singler is made of helium, because there really is not plausible explanation for Singler to travel that far after being grazed by Singleton…except for a patented Duke flop.

Video of Singler’s embellishment follows the jump…

Anybody else mildly shocked that Dick Vitale defended the Duke player?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?

Bet all the Duke haters are super excited that ESPN re-upped Vitale for another four years.


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  • crosby02

    So what, Duke ultimately flopped.

  • Harbin77

    This has gone own since the days of Hurley and Wojo. It is ridiculous.

  • Howard

    Dick Vitale was never a favorite of mine, no person in the world could know about as much as he claimed to know about a kid, the parents the kids friends, coaches, mailman, teachers and on and on…… he is a fool…. I am just glad I can mute him or change channels.He is right up there with Mussburger ..

  • Anonymous

    Here we go again! Another writer thinking he’s a comic. Singler, like all the great hoops players, simply used his brain by ” extending ” the foul so that the officials would see it. As to the announcer, he called it the right way. I’m curious to know, what year did you attend Carolina?

  • Anonymous

    To hell with Duke. If the other teams got the calls that Duke gets they would be high in the ratings. The coach is the reason for the favoritism. makes me sick.

  • Fosterk2205

    Please dont be suprised by this. Shame on the referee for not recognizing a flop. I think plays like that take away from a great game. This game is about skills and competition. To play better than the other guy and not try to trick the referees. As far as Dick Vitale nothing needs to be said that hasnt been said already about his “LOVE” for Duke.

  • Jdurants

    It wasn’t the forearm. Look at the video. He stepped on Singler’s foot as he was trying to move away. Mystery solved!

    • Scrumpy55

      You nailed it…he stepped on Singler’s foot which caused the spill. Good look!

  • Sixbuoys

    Maybe his name should be Shirley!

  • Frankpo666

    nice singler..just addin’ to the flop fest at duke…great…go heels

  • Burgh2BlueDevil

    The jealousy of all the Duke haters is just pitiful. Why don’t you all do something useful like spend your time on “Inside Kerlina.” Oh wait, scratch that; you really ought to be doing something productive with your lives.

  • R111158

    looks like a soccer game broke out

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