VIDEO: Knicks vs. Hawks Features Some Williams on Williams Violence

You know what’s great about fights in the NBA, as compared to NFL or NHL tussles?  Zero protective equipment…none, nada, bupkis, zilch.  It’s just two guys in tank tops and shorts throwing fists, like a couple of sweaty, high-priced warriors.

The Friday night tilt between the Knicks and Hawks ended with a pretty good scrap between a pair of guys named Williams—Shawne for New York, and Marvin for Atlanta.  With only 47 seconds left in the game, the two got into it as they ran upcourt, jawing back and forth, until Marvin shoved Shawne in the back.

It escalated quickly after that.

Lots of fists flying but nobody really connected.  Well, not solidly anyway.  Still, as far as basketball fights go, it was a pretty good one, with no real, clear-cut winner, except people like me who enjoy watching millionaires try to knock each other’s blocks off.

Video of the fisticuffs follows the jump…

I thought Amar’e Stoudemire did a nice job playing peacemaker…putting yourself in that position is a dangerous recipe for taking a wayward shot to the face, protective goggles be damned.

Oh, and Atlanta won 111-102


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