15-Foot Snow Lombardi Trophy More Impressive Than the Real Thing

That thing is as ginormous as it is awesome, and if you ask me, it’s way better than the real Vince Lombardi Trophy because this one is made of snow…and love.  Anybody can just slap together 7-pounds of sterling silver and form it into a trophy.  But this, this takes dedication, ingenuity, and lots of the white stuff.

Simmer down Michael Irvin, the white stuff I’m referring to is snow.

By way of Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks, this 15-foot tall representation of the Lombardi Trophy made entirely out of snow is the creation of, according to Anthony DeMeo (@demeo1010) who tweeted the picture, Craig Lotito of Staten Island, NY and his sons, Craig Jr., Michael and Joseph.

To them I say bravo gentleman…this takes a lot more perseverance and gumption than most people could ever muster.  Nice job with the logos too—it’s like looking into a living snow mirror.

With the Northeast supposedly getting blanketed in 15-20 inches of snow tonight, it’s game on for the rest of you football fans…let’s see you do better.  At the very least I expect a snow recreation of Rashard Mendenhall doing the dirty to Ben Roethlisberger’s backside from the AFC championship game.

Is that too much to ask?


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