Homeless Green Bay Couple Win Trip to the Super Bowl

Homeless people are so lucky—no job, no responsibilities, you get to wallow in your own filth for weeks on end—and now they’re winning all expenses paid trips to the Super Bowl.

Ouida Wright and her partner Aaron, who seems to have given up his last name along with all his worldly possessions, are a local homeless couple from Green Bay who are the recipients of said Super Bowl trip, courtesy of a contest being run by the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau (DVC).  When the couple won the trip to Dallas to see the Packers take on the Steelers, they had but 90-cents in their pocket.

On Saturday the pair had left a local soup kitchen they were approached by several people looking for a “mystery man” wandering the streets of Green Bay.  This “mystery man” was part of the DVC contest, and to win the Super Bowl package, you had to utter the secret phrase made available on DVC’s Facebook page—“Have you been to Dallas lately?”  Ouida and Aaron figured out what was going on, and the fourth person they whispered the phrase to happened to be DVC’s “mystery man.”

Check and mate.

“I’m homeless and I thought someone was just messing with me,” said Wright in a live interview on Sunday’s Good Day Wisconsin.  “Then we saw the cameras.  We had 90-cents in our pockets and we have won a package that people would have offered thousands of thousands of dollars for.”

Good for them I guess, but being homeless and all, wouldn’t they be better served to sell their winnings for the “thousands and thousands of dollars” Wright speaks of?  Or is this such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that 90-cents be damned, easy come easy go, they go to Dallas and enjoy the big game?

A tough decision to say the least, and probably a lot more difficult than most for a homeless couple.  Usually the hardest decision they have to deal with is whether to spend their panhandling money on alcohol, crack, or day old doughnuts.

Check out the video of the lucky hobos when they won their Super Bowl trip…

Local homeless couple Super Bowl bound: fox11online.com

Is it just me, or is Ouida a bit creepy?  She reminds me of a guidance counselor I had in high school that seemed to steal a little bit of my soul every time I talked to her about my life choices. And I want to know where she got that dress…the 90-cent dress store?

If it seems like I’m bitter it’s only because I am.

[Fox 11]


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