If Your Dream Job Was to be the Cubs PA Announcer, You’re in Luck!

The Chicago Cubs announced today that they will be looking for a new public address announcer to fill the void left by outgoing announcer Paul Friedman, who is leaving the Cubs organization to pursue other opportunities.

And the best part is, while previous announcing experience is preferred, it’s not necessary, meaning that any Joe Blow can apply to be the “voice of the Chicago Cubs while in Wrigley Field.”  So long as you don’t mind watching the Cubs play game in and game out, it sounds like a pretty good gig.

To show that they’re serious about the whole thing, the Cubs organization has posted this job opportunity on Careerbuilder.com (http://cubs.careerbuilder.com).  Click on the link to apply, but before you do, read over some the requirements/qualifications for this exciting position.

They include…

  • Strong vocal talent, excellent enunciation skills
  • Strong public speaking skills and ability to speak extemporaneously to large crowds
  • Strong knowledge of baseball
  • Must be available for all Chicago Cubs 81 regular season home games, makeup games, tie breaker games, play-off games and non-game day events. Schedule includes nights, weekends, non-traditional hours and holidays, as needed
  • Ability to work outdoors during periods of extreme weather
  • Prior experience working as a Public Address Announcer in collegiate or professional sports (television or radio preferred)
  • Interest in supporting Cubs’ community and charitable efforts a plus

Sure that seems like a lot, but think of it this way…you’re guaranteed 6 months off a year, because if there’s one thing you can count on, other than Charlie Sheen winning at life, it’s that the Cubs will fail to make the playoffs.

/ripping the Cubs futility is like making emo teenagers depressed—it’s easy and it feels right

[Chicago Breaking Sports]


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  • Anonymous

    This is really good that you have dream job for someone. Finding a dream job is not easy and sometime dream job will not exist or there is no salary in this types of job. Lots of people are not happy with there job. Because they give more importance to money.


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