John Daly’s Caddyshack-Inspired Golf Bag is All That and a Flat-Screen TV

A flat-screen TV on a golf bag?  A flat-screen TV on a golf bag.

John Daly sent out this picture, via Twitter, of his brand new golf bag, and words fail me.  Sure it’s a tad on the large size, but the thing is so absurdly cool, it’s worth it.  Plus it’s a perfect golf bag representation of Daly himself—it’s big, it’s garish, and it’s entertaining as hell.

And if you think it looks familiar, you’re absolutely right.  Daly got the idea for the bag from Al Czervik, Rodney Dangerfield’s character in the classic golf flick Caddyshack.

This being John Daly and all, I can only imagine that this tremendous golf bag comes with it’s own fully stocked bar, and a pull out sofa for crashing on. The pull-out would be mighty small, but it sure beats the dumpster outside of a nearby Hooters.

[@PGA_JohnDaly, H/T to SportsCracklePop]


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